Face Veins

Prominent face veins may arise as a consequence of sun exposure, conditions such as rosacea, old surgery or injury. Some individuals develop vascular spots on the face known as spider naevii and others have areas of blood vessels (haemangiomas) arising as birthmarks.

What ever the cause many lesions are treatable, however unlike leg veins where laser therapy is ineffectual laser treatment is the modality of choice


There are several  colored light wavelengths which may be absorbed into the red haemoglobin  within the blood cell this then results in the heating of the blood vessel which then fibroses to exclude the blood. The blood vessels are traced out with the laser beam to eliminate the vessels.

This is excellent for larger veins, for smaller veins which are difficult to see and still cause that reddish color IPL is used as an area treatment that is an area is treated rather than a specific vein.

IPL machines are not true lasers but emit a wide spectrum of high energy  light wavelengths, various unwanted wavelengths are filtered out

The number of treatments depends on the profusion of veins however for discrete veins only one or two treatments may be required with laser, IPL treatments are usually from three to six.


Some laser treatments may be eligible for medicare rebates, but may not attract private health insurance benefits.